Friday, 19 April 2013

Welcome to TechAgeKids

Welcome to TechAgeKids, glad you found us.

We'll be covering issues related to technology and kids including:

  1. Tech news and commentary for parents and kids. What new kids tech is coming out? What Kickstarter projects should you consider getting in on? Who has done a tech project for kids? Cool tech projects by kids, and so on. What do 3D printers mean for kids?
  2. Issues around kids use of technology including online safety and parental controls and whether we should be concerned about how much kids use technology. We'll look at topical news stories, research studies and the key issues that concern parents of TechAgeKids. And we'll ask for your opinions too.
  3. Tech product and service reviews. We'll review cool gadgets that are either aimed at the kids market, frequently used by kids, or that we think kids should be using. We'll look at what these gadgets can do, compare them and make recommendations on the best tech for kids.
  4. Tech projects and tutorials for kids (and resources for parents and teachers.) We'll look at what skills kids need to be tech savvy not just as users of technology but as makers and engineers. We'll run fun projects that parents and kids can do together. And we'll share cool projects from elsewhere. We'll look at getting started with skills including computer programming, graphic design, electronics and 3D modeling.
  5. Kids tech industry analysis. Who are the companies building tech for kids? Where are they headed? How is the move to gadgets affecting traditional toy makers and how are they adapting? 

TechAgeKids would like to be your first stop for all things related to kids and technology. Whether you want to find out the latest research about how technology is affecting kids positively or negatively, which skills you should make sure your kids have for the future or which kids gadgets offer value for money and are worth putting on the Christmas list. 

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