Sunday, 28 April 2013

A Voice for My First Robot

As I was wondering how we could turn My First Robot into a 'real' robot, I came across simple a voice recorder / speaker in a drawer. Perfect! My son could see the potential immediately.

(This article is the second in a series. You might want to read My First Robot first to find out the backstory.)

We've got plans to add more than just voice, but it was a nice simple way to get started and my 4 year old could get really involved by recording his own voice. 

The voice module is a simple unit with a switch to move it between record and play mode. In record mode you press the button to record a few seconds of audio, and in play mode the same button plays the recording.

My kids have has loads of fun playing with this device. They love to record their voice and play it back. It's intended for embedding into stuffed toys and other projects that just require an audio snippet.

What. do. you. want. me. to. do. ?
My son knew what he wanted his robot to say immediately and recorded his
speech in a robotic voice.
Then we needed to put the voice box into the robot in such a way that the button could be pressed and it could be removed to record a new phrase when he wants to.

Very logically, he wanted the speaker in the robot's mouth. So we came up with an access door on the back of the head (which will mean we can put more electronics in in future) and a hole for his mouth that allows a finger in to press the button. We used a blob of sticky tack to keep the device in place.

Here's My First Robot showing off his new voice:

We used: 10 Second Recordable Sound Module @ Amazon

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