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New here? Glad you found us. At Tech Age Kids, Elbrie and Tracy will help you prepare your kids for a positive future with technology. We love Minecraft, Coding, Electronics, 3D Printing, Craft & Making, Robots and other ways that kids can express themselves with technology. We believe in achieving an overall balance and steering kids and young people towards constructive and creative uses of technology.

We cover digital parenting issues in a knowledgeable and level-headed manner.
We can also help you find the right tech resources to prepare your kids for their future even if your family is just starting out.
We review the latest kids and family tech products and highlight industry news.
Our focus is on products that teach kids about tech or get them using innovative technology.
We also come up with lots of fun projects so your kid tech won't get left in a cupboard.

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Gift Guides and Gift Suggestions

We spend a lot of time searching the web and going to events to find interesting toys, kits and gadgets for kids and teens in the Tech Age. Every year we update our lists with the latest techie gifts. If you're stuck on what to give a techie kids, check out our gift lists. If you need some advice on what's the best options for your family, read our gift guides.

Books and Published Content

We've written books and write for our own publisher, Tech Age Kids, as well as other publishers.
  • Tech Age Kids published micro:bit in Wonderland in 2018. It's a beginner project book for the BBC micro:bit based on the wonderful story of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. To find out more or buy a copy go to the Alice page.
  • We have also written wipe-clean activity books about computing for 5-7 year olds, with the publisher Miles Kelly. To find out more go to the Get Set Go Computing Series page.

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