Our Freelance Services include
  • project content writing, 
  • tech toy & edtech consultancy, 
  • playtesting and product feedback,
  • digital marketing, 
  • kid tech event management

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Dr Tracy Gardner Bio

Dr Tracy Gardner has a Maths & Computing degree and a Computer Science PhD. Tracy has worked in software development for environmental analysis, digital libraries and telecoms, and more recently focused on middleware tool development, user experience and product management. She worked at IBM for 10 years.

Tracy first got interested in computing when her family got a Sinclair Spectrum when she was 10. She learned to program in BASIC and developed a love of computer games.

Tracy now uses her experience to help children to develop tech skills. She writes online content for parents, provides freelance educational content writing and tech toy industry consulting services and teaches computing to primary school children. She runs a Code Club, volunteers at a Coder Dojo / Young Rewired State meetup and other kid tech events and is a member of So Make It (Southampton Makerspace). Tracy is a parent to two primary school aged children who are often willing to try out new products and provide feedback.

Elbrie de Kock

Elbrie de Kock has an interior design degree and have run several businesses prior to Tech Age Kids. She has worked in a variety of industries in marketing, social media, business development and events management over the past 15 years.

Elbrie has a keen eye for design and is a very creative person. She stumbled upon the tech industry, to support her son's interest in computer programming. Subsequently Elbrie set up a local coding club to inspire more kids to learn skills for a digital age. She regularly manages events, including a toddler group, birthday parties, exhibitions, coding clubs and tech festivals.

She is a parent of 3 boys, (5, 7 and 16) and a cute Schnoodle called Ruby, and practices the art of juggling motherhood and business on a daily basis. Elbrie is passionate about encouraging more women in tech after having kids. She is convinced you can have the best of both worlds.

*Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Design