Coding is increasingly being recognised as an important skill for children to learn. Some will learn to code at school or at a coding club, but it's brilliant if they get support at home too.

Gift Guides for Coding Toys, Books and Kits

Our gift guides are expert picks and updated regularly with the latest information and products updates. Find a list of the latest coding toys, books and kits for 2018.

Find more coding toys from the last few years (listed in the year they came on the market):

Resources to Learn Coding

The Hour of Code takes place in December each year but many Hour of Code resources are available all year round and are a good place to start.

We're big fans of the Scratch programming environment for kids, it's a great way for kids to get creative and express themselves while developing useful skills. We've also put together a list of gift ideas for kids who code in Scratch if you need some inspiration.

Increasingly we're seeing Minecraft-related coding as a popular entry route for kids. We'll be covering this topic more in future, but for now see: Minecraft teaches computational thinking and Minecraft modding in Tynker.

Recent articles about Coding:

We regularly review coding products for children and teens on Tech Age Kids and have gained a lot of understanding of what is available on the market. We don't get to review every product, but we do post about ones we get access to and are worth sharing with you.


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