Thursday, 27 August 2015

Preparing for Force Friday

(Star Wars toys from a wave gone by)
So, Force Friday is fast approaching, it's the 4th of September. If you haven't come across the term, it's the day when the first wave of toys that tie in with this year's Star Wars: The Force Awakens is available for the first time.

Lots of stores will be opening at midnight to allow fans to get their hands on new toys as soon as possible. And there will be lots going on online too in the run up to Force Friday and on the day itself.

In preparation, we've decided to watch all of the Star Wars movies as a family before then. Don't worry, the kids have seen them all lots of times before, we're not that slack as parents! But, we thought another watching was in order. So we've gathered up Star Wars toys from waves gone past, and borrowed a Chewbacca toy to fill a gap in our collection and started the build up. Chewbacca has been making pitiful noises every time there's a sad bit.

Star Wars Toys We Like

We've also had a look at the information that is available about the new wave of toys. Furbacca looks set to be a hit in our house - a Furby version of Chewbacca, oh yes. Electronic and buildable lightsabers also look cool. And I'm already rather taken with the BB-8 droid after meeting a working BB-8 robot replica so I'll be looking at BB-8 models and remote control toys. And we're also looking forward to The Force Awakens LEGO sets.

Star Wars YouTube Channel

In the run up to Force Friday there will be unboxing videos and much excitement on the Star Wars YouTube channel, you can check for local times, this is very much an international (galactical?) event.

If you're wondering, we're watching the movies in Star Wars chronological order. The kids watched them in order of release the first time.

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