Friday, 24 January 2014

New Teksta Tekno T-Rex Robot Pet

There's going to be a new Teksta T-Rex robot pet this year. (Teksta is known as Tekno in the US.)

There was a new version of the Teksta / Tekno robot dog last year which proved very popular and just like with the originals of these toys we're going to get a dinosaur version.

A Teksta T-Rex  prototype was demonstrated at the London Toy Fair 2014. He has sound recognition, touch sensors and proximity detection. He'll snap at approaching fingers and you can get him to open his mouth up for a bone. The prototype was shown is a red and white color way and he looks very cool shuffling along on two legs.

My boys really liked the robot dogs that were around last year, but dinosaurs are much more their thing. This robot T-Rex will appeal to kids who aren't really into cute puppies and would prefer a carnivorous dinosaur as an electronic pet.

The Teksta T-Rex is due out in July this year in the UK and we expect there will also be a Tekno T-Rex for the US market.

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