Tuesday, 8 October 2013

A Fun Halloween Origami App for Kids

Mr Shingu's Paper Halloween (Kindle Tablet Edition)Mr Shingu's Paper Halloween is a fun origami app for kids aged around 5 to 10. My kids have recently taken an interest in origami so I thought we'd give it a go - they are 5 and nearly 7 so just the right age for the app.

The app is currently free and doesn't include any in-app purchases or adverts, except for mentioning Mr Shingu's Paper Zoo by the same developer. It's available for iPad, Android and Kindle Fire tablets.

Mr Shingu's Paper Halloween has several parts to it. There are instructions for making 6 different Halloween-themed origami models. Kids can follow the instructions interactively on the screen to make virtual models which they can then decorate and add to a Halloween scene. My kids had lots of fun with this part - they took turns making models and changing their colors and decorations.

Then kids can actually make the origami models for real by following the instructions. The models are fairly simple and a good introduction to origami. My 6 year old got the idea straight away and was easily able to reproduce the skull without any help.  I have to confess that my attempt at the pumpkin was rather less successful! I really needed a way to navigate back in the instructions to check things out. Hmm. I'll have to practice! The instructions are very well done and show how to make the fold.

Mr Shingu's Paper Halloween is a great example of an app that gets kids doing things in the real world. And even better, gets kids making things. I'm going to find some colored paper and we can have fun making some decorations for Halloween.

The app also has a simple game which uses the origami characters so there's plenty here to get kids in the mood for Halloween.

Here's the video overview:

Mr Shingu's Paper Halloween follows on from children's origami app Mr Shingu's Paper Zoo, both apps are developed by Stormcloud Games.

Download: iTunes, Google Play, Amazon

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