Tuesday, 24 September 2013

UBooly 2 Interactive Toy for iOS and Android

UBooly is a cute stuffed toy with a smart phone app to interact with kids aged 4-10. There's now a crowdfunding project to support the next generation UBooly with a plan to ship in time for the 2013 holidays.

With the UBooly app kids can get involved in lots of educational and role-play activities. They can interact with UBooly earning coins and feeding the little guy.

UBooly encourages kids to move around and engage in pretend play - not just sit on the couch. UBooly talks to kids and uses speech recognition to interpret what kids say.

It's a good concept and matches our philosophy at Tech Age Kids of using technology to encourage kids to develop important skills, rather than blaming technology for kids' lack of exercise or ability to concentrate or communicate well.

The new version of UBooly will add support for 5 languages, introduce new educational play packs and have new customization features. And it will support Android smart phones and well as iOS. There will also be a new bigger Jumbo UBooly which accommodates an iPad Mini. There are new colors too.

UBooly is developed by teachers and educators and it shows. There's lots of focus on imaginative play and developing language and numeracy skills. 

Ubooly Smart Toy, Green Ubooly Smart Toy, Green
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You can try out the current version of the UBooly app without having one of the toys - it has a mode for working outside the toy.

Some content is included and you can purchase additional content. There's a monthly subscription option for unlimited access to all content packs.

UBooly is available to buy (at time of writing there's a virtual coupon on the Amazon UBooly page for a 20% discount). The new pink and green colors are available on Amazon.

Or you can support the Kickstarter campaign to help get version 2 into production.

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