Friday, 20 September 2013

Detective Story with STEM Projects to Build

Dewey Mac, Kid Detective is a cool new Kickstarter project that aims to encourage kids to get hands on with STEM subjects.

There's a story featuring Dewey Mac a 12 year old boy who becomes a detective. And there are Mcgyver-style projects that Dewey needs to solve his case which kids can also follow along and make.

I like this idea a lot. Science and engineering topics always make more sense when kids can get hands on and also when they understand why a topic is useful.

The project has been put together by Michael Carroll who is a teacher and wants to get more kids enthused about technical subjects.

There are loads of different options for backing this Kickstarter project with eBook and print versions of the story book and the project book, demonstration videos,  project kits, and of course T-shirts.

The first chapter of the book is available to read online so you can get a flavor of the writing: Dewey Mac chapter 1. It's packed with humor as well as science so should appeal to the target audience.

The projects are Spy gadgets and cool gizmos that will appeal to kids. There are things like a Foxhole radio, a Sister Catcher and Mecret Sessages (code breaking.) You can preview the Detective notebook online. The projects use a lot of objects that you will have around the house or are easy to get hold of. Some of the projects have a kit option that comes with most of the parts.

We're a pretty technical family and could come up with projects like this, but I very much like the idea of having a prompt and a story to follow along. We like projects like this that we can do together as a family. My kids love making stuff, and their parents love to have an excuse too!

There's a birthday party package which would be superb for a kids party. And there are packs for use by schools and clubs. You could have lots of fun with this theme for a party or event.

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