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VTech Jagger Mega T-Rex Voice Recognition Switch N Go Dino

VTech Switch & Go Dinos - Jagger The T-Rex DinosaurOne of VTech's big toys this year is Jagger the Mega T-Rex who responds to kids commands using voice recognition. The VTech Switch N Go Dinos range proved popular last year and some of the dinos were quite big, but Jagger is even bigger and has new technology.

We've looked at lots of electronic pets for slightly older kids. This Mega T-Rex is likely to be a big hit with small boys and some small girls for Christmas 2013. He's an impressive toy and main gift material for a kid who loves dinosaurs.

There's quite a lot to this toy, with dinosaur and crane modes, an LCD screen, lights, motion, a drill launcher, actions in response to voice commands and sounds and spoken facts.

The idea behind the Switch N Go Dinos range is that the toys are dinosaurs that transform into vehicles and vice versa. (Don't worry they just have a few simple moves, parents won't be spending hours trying to tranform them, been there with other toys ...)

Jagger can be played with as a big dinosaur - he's 16 inches tall. He can also be played with in crane mode - there's a working crane that can be rotated. 

The toys are aimed at children aged 3-8. I expect that Jagger will appeal most to the younger end of that age range, but the older ones will be very happy to play with him if he's around. My nearly five year old certainly likes him and says he's cool and has told me about several of his friends who he thinks would like him!

When my older son was 3-4, dinosaurs were his favorite subject. He has a huge knowledge of the different species and could tell you all about herbivores and carnivores. Jagger is able to tell kids interesting dinosaur facts which will appeal to kids like my son.

Like the other toys in the range, the Mega T-Rex has an LCD display which shows T-Rex eyes with various expressions and animation. In vehicle mode the display is used to show animations of the driver.

Jagger can actually move with forwards and backwards motion which can be triggered by voice commands. So kids will be able to get Jagger to come to them from across the room, or chase a sibling!

He will also roar on command and open his jaws wide as he does it. The drill launcher can be fired on command too, I can see hours of amusement just in that one feature.

I'm interested in how well the voice recognition works with small kids who don't have clear speech. In my experience voice recognition is a great way to try and encourage kids to speak clearly.  There's the potential for frustration if kids can't get Jagger to do what they want, but he does have physical buttons too.

Of course all this tech means batteries are required. Jagger takes 4 AA batteries. 

Jagger also comes with a large poster which can be used with the VTech Switch N Go Dinos augmented reality app which is available for iPhone and iPad. The app is free and also works with posters you can download from the Vtech Dino Den and print out.

More New Switch N Go Dinos 2013

As well as the previous VTech Switch N Go Dinos range, Jagger has two new pals for 2013:  the SkySlicer Allosaurus / Plane and Blister the Velociraptor / Helicopter.

SkySlicer is a smaller less expensive dinosaur but he still has lots of tech features. There's the LCD display which is featured through out the range and he has lots of sounds and phrases. Skyslicer can turn into a plane.

Blister is a Velociraptor that can turn into a helicopter complete with fold out blades. He has sounds and phrases and also a working search light. There's also a rocket launcher which kids will love.

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