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Skylanders Giants Costumes for Kids

Skylanders Giants Jet Vac CostumeThere are some Skylanders Giants costumes for kids out this year so if you've got a child who loves the new games they will be able to dress up as Jet Vac (pictured) or Crusher.

Skylanders Giants is currently the most recents version of the franchise. Swap Force is coming out later this year. 

You're reading this article on Tech Age Kids, and costumes based on video games are certainly within our remit!  But tech kids might want to go further than that so we'll also add some suggestions for adding tech to the basic costumes.


Skylanders Giants Crusher CostumeCrusher is one of the new kids costumes to tie in with the Skylanders Giants edition of the game. It's a jumpsuit style costume with molded accessories - you get shin pieces and a wrist gauntlet. You also get the molder mask for his helmet and the chest strap with pointy bits on.

The costume has lots of green crystal details on. The Crusher costume comes in kids sizes to fit children from around age 4 to 14 so should be an option for most Skylanders Giants fans.

"It's Crush Hour!" 
Crusher is one of the eight Skylanders Giants (there are other characters in the game, but not all are giants.) He has comes from a mining background and has the element of Earth and he loves to crush rocks so you might want to find or make some fake rocks to go with this costume - maybe painted polystyrene would do the trick. 

Of course Crusher also needs his rock hammer which sadly isn't included with the costume. You could choose a costume hammer or make one. There's an Instructables Crusher's hammer tutorial which should give you some ideas.

The 'real' Crusher can also shoot a laser of ice from his goggles.  You might be able to make something fun with some wearable leds to at least give the impression of this.

Another fun tech idea would be to get some sound recordings of rocks being broken and take an iPod or other music player with some portable speakers out trick or treating. You could even trigger this using a pressure sensor on the hammer so that you get a cool rock breaking effect when you hit the floor or a wall with the hammer.

Jet Vac

Skylanders Giants Jet Vac Costume
The second Skylanders Giants costume that's available to buy is Jet Vac. Jet Vac isn't a giant himself, but he does appear in Skylanders Giants.

It's another muscle jumpsuit costume with lots of molded extras to make the costume look realistic. The hands and shoe covers are included along with the very cool mask.

Jet Vac is from the Air element, his weapon is a vacuum blaster and this is not included in the costume. You could add an Airzooka to blast air at enemies. We've got one of these and they're pretty cool and easy for kids to master. That makes a fun accessory for Halloween.

"Hawk and Awe!"
The Jet Vac Skylanders Giants figure comes in a Lightcore version that lights up when it's placed on the portal. The costume doesn't light up, but we can soon fix that.

An easy way to add light to the costume would be to use the littleBits Light Wire (we've written about littleBits before, it's a modular electronics range for kids which is very easy to use.)

Don't forget that you'll also need a portable power bit to power the light wire. It glows light blue all along the wire when it's turned on.

You could also add a switch so that they effect can be turned on and off easily by the wearer, to save the battery and to surprise people!

Next Year: Skylanders Swap Force

We're looking forward to Skylanders Swap Force costumes for next year. I hope the costume manufacturers are planning something cool. The theme is just asking for separate costume tops and bottoms that can be mixed and matched!

But back to this year and the Skylanders Giants costumes!

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