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Tomy The First Years True Fit IAlert C685 Tech Car Seat

The First Years True Fit IAlert C685 Car Seat, Black & GrayTomy have developed a high tech car seat that syncs with a parents smart phone to provide safety information and alerts.

The IAlert car seat is fitted  a range of sensors and app features that help with fitting the car seat safely and monitoring the child and their environment when the seat is in use.

The The First Years True Fit IAlert C685 works from birth (5lbs) in rear facing mode and then switches to forward facing mode for kids up to 65 pounds. It's an expensive car seat but at least it should last for a long time.

We're seeing a trend to use technology to improve child health and safety with products like smart diapers and water safety devices. We've seen so much improvement in car safety through the introduction and improvement of car seats themselves, and modern cars are full of sensors and indicators to help the driver. It seems natural that technology is being applied to children's car seats to help parents keep their kids safe.


Safe Fitting of the Car Seat

Fitting a car seat correctly can be a tricky business, it's something I'm always nervous about. The media were recently quick to question whether Prince William had correctly fitted the car seat for his new son! The iAlert has an angle sensor and the accompanying app indicates the correct position for the seat.

Temperature Reporting

The car seat reports on the temperature around the child. I'm not sure how necessary this feature is, but it may be that there's a significant different between the front and rear in some cars and parents may only be aware of the temperature in the front seats. There's also the situation where one parent stays in the car (often with a sleeping infant) while the other runs some errands, the adult might not notice how quickly the car heats up.

Child Detector

The iAlert car seat can detect when the child is in their seat. And if they get out of the seat. At some point many kids manage to discover and unbuckle their car seat. Some kids will do this repeatedly even after being given the big safety talk. And there are children with additional needs that would benefit from this extra level of safety.

And then there's the nightmare scenario of accidentally leaving the child in the car seat. You might wonder how this can happen, but a change in routine like a parent having a child when they wouldn't normally and being on autopilot for their work routine can lead to mistakes.

Buckle Reminder

After the child has been placed in the car seat the app will issue a reminder to buckle the car seat. I think most parents forget to buckle the car seat at some point. It can be confusion over which parent is doing it, a phone call arriving at the wrong time or a distraction with another child.

First Years iAlert App

first years iAlert first years iAlert @ Amazon

The iAlert app is free and available for Android and iOS smart phones.

If you have an iPhone you can get the the iAlert app on iTunes. It's also on Google Play.

The app communicates remotely with the car seat and is able to send text and email alerts to emergency contacts.

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