Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Smart Diapers That Report on Infant Health

Smart Diapers seems like an idea that just has to happen. The Smart Diapers Indiegogo crowdfunding project aims to deliver infant diapers that can monitor a babies health.

The diapers have built in urine analysis squares which measure various health factors including hydration, kidney issues and UTI indicators.

The diapers also have a QR code printed on them which can be scanned with a smart phone app which will interpret the colored analysis squares. Android and iOS apps will be available.

This makes a lot of sense. When you're a new parent, especially a first time parent, it's hard to know whether your baby is okay and to know when there could be a problem versus them just being tired.

I would have used a product like this, at the right price, if it had been available when my kids were babies. Partly because of the peace of mind and partly because I love data!

Bringing quantified self technology to infants is an excellent idea and could avoid a lot of stress and discomfort by identifying issues early.

The diapers will of course be more expensive that regular diapers initially though I would expect the price to drop significantly if they become mainstream. If you just want to try the idea out you can pledge $25 for 5 smart diapers. The price per diaper drops as you choose larger quantities.

The diapers have a very stylish design as well as performing a useful function (in addition to the obvious one!)

This product shouldn't be confused with the Huggies Smart Diaper concept which would alert parents via Wifi on a mobile app when a baby needs a diaper change.

Infants are excellent candidates for health monitoring technology as they can't communicate problems very clearly - or perhaps it's that new parents can't effectively interpret what they do communicate.

Smart Diapers just seem like one of those ideas that are inevitable.

Pledge: Smart Diapers on Indiegogo

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