Thursday, 11 July 2013

Reebok Checklight Head Impact Indicator for Kids

The Reebok Checklight is a new sports monitor for children and adults. It's worn on the head and measures impact to the head during sports participation.

The device is worn on the head and can be worn under a helmet for sports such as boxing, martial arts, football and hockey. It uses sensors to measure acceleration.

The Checklight (as per its name) uses colored LED indicators to give a warning or recommend that the activity should be stopped. Coaches or parents can keep an eye on the light to get an additional piece of data to help them decide whether a sport is safe to continue and when a player should be assessed by a medical professional.

The device also maintains an impact count for the session (until it is reset.) The device is expected to have a battery life of 6 hours and comes with a USB charger cable.

It's hard to get the balance right between being over-protective of yours kids and letting them participate in sports that can sometimes be dangerous. In my book, having additional data to help you make decisions is always valuable. 

Recommended Age

Reebok recommends the device for children from age 6 and up. The Checklight indicator is attached to a skullcap and the sizes start at Small which is a head circumference of below 55cm (21 7/8".) The sizing guide shows how to measure your child's head. Larger sizes are available for older kids, tweens, teens and up to adult sizes.

The Reebok Checklight is now available to order direct from Reebok.

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