Tuesday, 23 July 2013

New Furby BOOM Designs for 2013

Furby Boom Figure (Peacock)The eagerly awaited Furby BOOM! has been announced and is starting to be available to order. The new Furbies for 2013 have brightly colored designs and lots more interactive content in their companion app.

Kids will still be able to play with a Furby if they don't have a tablet that can run the app, but there's lots more content to access if they can get the app which runs on recent iOS devices and a range of Android devices.

With the new app kids will be able to name and take care of their pet and hatch baby Furblings - this gives Tamagotchi style virtual pet behavior. Much cuteness.

There are also Furby games to play and a virtual currency called Furbucks to earn and spend. There will be eggs to collect and swap.

And there are new Furby personalities that can develop. There's interaction between Furby BOOM toys so kids will be able to get together and play with their Furbies together. I can definitely see girls wanting to take their Furby to their friends' houses to play together.

Parents will be pleased to know that the new Furby can fall asleep.

Furby Boom has a MSRP of $65 and are due for release in the US on August 2nd.

In the initial wave there are six new colorful Furby designs and also new style ears and feet:

Last year some of the designs were really hard to get hold of near Christmas, especially the pink. I think the Pink Polka Dot design is going to be very popular. But my personal favorites are the Peacock and Waves designs.

Electronic pets are set to be huge for Christmas 2013.

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