Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Angry Birds Star Wars II Telepods with Toys!

Angry Birds Star Wars Telepods Bounty Hunters PlaysetMy younger son and his friends love Angry Birds Star Wars. They are going to be very excited about Angry Birds Star Wars II. There's new game content and characters, but even more exciting for them there will be physical toys that can be used with the game.

The new app will use Hasbro's Telepods technology. There will be more than 30 collectible figures than you can place on a Telepod to transport them into the game. Both the Rebel Bird and Imperial Pig factions will be represented.

UpdateAngry Birds Star Wars Telepods available to pre-order

The Angry Birds Star Wars II game is due for release on September 19th 2013 so we're expecting to see the toys on lots of kids Christmas gift lists for the coming holidays.

Users will need a smart device with a front-facing camera to take advantage of Telepods mode to transport characters into a game and make them available for selection. A character is placed on the Telepod base which is itself placed on the tablet or phone.

I do like this style of toy that mixes up physical and virtual gaming - my kids love the Skylanders figures. And we certainly enjoy our Angry Birds around here. Star Wars is a cultural staple in our house too, and although part of me finds the Angry Birds incarnations a little undignified, my kids have no such qualms.

There's no specific information yet on which platforms the app will be available for. I think we can assume iOS, Android may have a later release date, and what about Kindle Fire and other tablets that are marketed to kids? We'll have to wait and see. 

Here's the trailer for a taster of what's coming:

Pre-order:   Angry Birds Star Wars Telepods

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