Monday, 10 June 2013

XBox One Price and Pre Order

Xbox One Console Microsoft have announced the price for the upcoming XBox One games console and home entertainment system.

The console will have a recommended retail price of $499 in the US. Amazon lists the release date as November 30, 2013, so it will be out in time for the holidays. 

That's not cheap is it! It's not the sort of money that every family can afford. I don't imagine that many kids will get their very own XBox One for Christmas.
But Microsoft is positioning the XBox One as an entertainment machine for the whole family so I think this will be the kind of item a whole family chooses to get as a family Christmas gift. We've certainly done this when we wanted an expensive item that would be used by the whole family.

It's not unusual for families to spend a lot more than $500 on a television set. So I guess it depends where your priorities lie. 

We've compared games consoles for families and the XBox One stands out for its media center features and focus on family gaming not just hard core gamers like its rival the PlayStation 4.

We're still waiting to hear whether, or probably when, we'll be getting Disney Infinity for XBox One. That's likely to be a major consideration for many families who will want Disney Infinity in time for Chrismas.

Pre-Order: Xbox One Console

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