Wednesday, 12 June 2013

TuTu - iPhone Stuffed Toy for Girls

TuTu is a pink stuffed rabbit that comes to life when you pop an iPhone in her head. She currently has a Kickstarter campaign running to get started.

TuTu has an app which can give her a face on the part of the iPhone screen that is visible. It also supports interactive play.

TuTu has five physical toys that she can detect and interact with including food and drink items and a toothbrush so kids can take care of her and get feedback. Definitely a play pattern that young girls enjoy.

I can certainly see the appeal of this toy to young girls. I would have liked to see a choice of colors. I know lots of girls do like pink ... Lots of boys love stuffed toys too and would like the idea of interacting with one in this way. But I can understand that girls are the more obvious target audience.

TuTu supports the iPhone but doesn't mention the iPod Touch which has been popular with children.  If a child really likes this toy they are not going to want to return their parents phone!

There have been a few attempts to put iPhones in stuffed toys (such as Ubooly) and it does seem like a likely direction for kids toys to take. It makes sense to just buy and upgrade the tech brain part of the toy once and have various app toys that can use it.

The Kickstarter project does mention safety testing, I'd want to be sure that the iPhone isn't going to overheat in there.

TuTu costs $35 - $45 depending on how quickly you pledge and that includes US shipping. I don't see a recommended age, but this looks like its aimed at young girls, younger than the Furby age group.

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