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Tomy Battroborgs Battling Motion Controlled Robots

Battroborgs from Tomy are new mini battling robots that are motion controlled using nunchuck-style controllers.

Kids hold the controllers and then move their hands to make their robot move and punch to attack an opponent.

It's like playing a video game using the Wii remote or Playstation Move controller but instead of controlling a virtual character in a video game, kids control a physical robot.

The Battroborgs register when they have been punched and keep track of the number of hits. An LED changes color to record the hits. Receive 5 punches and you're out and you also lose if your robot gets knocked over (KO.) They also have battle sound effects.

The robots are designed to be used in battles between two or more players, each controlling their own Battroborg. Each robot is paired with its controllers so you can have multiple controllers wirelessly communicating with their corresponding robots at the same time.

This looks like a fun way for brothers or friends to play together and get to throw some punches without anyone getting hurt (well except maybe for their egos!) My boys are learning martial arts and love robots, I can certainly see the attraction of this toy. 

Battroborgs come from Takara Tomy and have been available in Japan since last year. The robots for the international market have new designs and characters. These robots will be launching in the US in time for the 2013 holidays.

Meet The Battroborgs

There are several Battroborgs in the range, I've found 8 of them. Each has its own design and colors and its own special features and moves.
  1. Colonel Clubber 
  2. Battroborg Purple Robot Battroborg Purple Robot
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  3. Battroborg Gold Robot Battroborg Gold Robot
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  4. Battroborg Single Pack Robot - Pummel Battroborg Single Pack Robot - Pummel
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  5. Clopto
  6. Cobalt
  7. Battroborg Single Pack Robot - Shocktro Battroborg Single Pack Robot - Shocktro
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  8. Scaldor
Each Battroborg is around 3.5 inches high so they're quite small and you don't need a huge amount of space to play.  The toys are balanced by rear wheels so that they don't fall over too easily.

Battroborg Motion-Controlled Robot Arena

Battroborg 2pk with Battle Arena - Green and Red

Battroborg 2pk with Battle Arena - Green and Red

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There's also a Battroborg Robot Arena that you can use to keep the robots contained during a battle.

This version includes two Battroborg robots and a battle arena. The Green Battrobory is Colonel Clubber and the Red and Black Battroborg is Scaldor.

Training Mode

There's a training mode for Battroborgs so if a child has two of them but no one to play with, he can actually have one of the robots control itself so he has someone to compete with.

Charging / Batteries

Battroborgs are rechargeable and come with a quick-charger that can recharge the robots in 20 minutes.

The controller itself takes 4 AA batteries.

Recommended Age

In a US press release TOMY has given the recommended age for Battrobots age 8+ (for the Japanese version it was 6+.)


Battroborgs are due for release in September 2013 and will soon be available to pre-order.

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