Thursday, 6 June 2013

SEAL Water Safety Device for Kids

The SEAL is a proposed water safety device for children to prevent drowning while swimming.

The SEAL combines a wearable band that goes around a child's neck with a central monitoring and warning hub. Multiple swim bands can be used with one hub.

It's designed for both families and pools and other leisure facilities where kids swim or play in the water.

The SEAL detects when a child shows potential signs of drowning and alerts parents and / or lifeguards to the danger. There are different settings so you can get it to sound the alarm if a non-swimmer enters the water (there are other devices available that perform just this function.)

There are also guard bands that can be worn by adults so that they can be notified of a problem while swimming.

Water safety is a big issue for parents and I'd love to see a gadget that can reduce the risk.

I'm not sure how willing kids would be to wear the device though they have clearly considered the design and comfort.

If you pledge $199 you get a SEAL kit for two swimmers (which is said to be worth $500.)

For children who have additional risks in the water I can certainly see parents being willing to invest in such a system. Could we see widespread adoption of such devices in leisure facilities? Possibly, though I think a smaller device will be needed. I'd like to see this project succeed so they can keep working on the concept. If in could be put into a small wrist or ankle band then I think it could be much more appealing.

The SEAL is currently an indiegogo crowdfunding project with 11 days to go. It's at 21% at the moment which certainly shows some interest in the concept.

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