Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Rabbids Invasion Interactive TV Show for XBox One

Nickelodeon will be broadcasting the Rabbids Invasion Interactive TV Show which has interactive content for the XBox One.

This is one of those ideas that had to happen now that TV and video games are starting to converge onto the same platforms.

When they were little my kids spent ages jumping around the living room and shouting out at the TV as they joined in with Go! Diego Go! It was one of the few little kids TV shows I really liked them to watch for that reason. It wasn't passive - they really got involved with the show. (And they learned lots too.)

Rabbids Invasion Interactive is going to enable that style of interaction for real for bigger kids.
There will be watchable TV content with in-show games to play. The show will make use of the Kinect sensor on the XBox One to let kids play mini games and join in.

This is just the first show using this style of interaction and is very much intended to be fun and entertaining. The game where the kids have to scream shows this show is very much aimed at kids rather than their parents ...

I'm sure we'll be seeing more kids TV shows becoming interactive. There's lots of potential here for moving from passive TV viewing to kids being actively involved in their favorite shows. There's also the opportunity to make engaging educational content as well as pure entertainment.

We don't have a release date for Rabbids Invasion Interactive yet but it's said to be launching 'very soon'. 

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