Sunday, 9 June 2013

Light Up Base and Construction Blocks

We're always on the look out for good ways to light up construction brick projects. There's a new LiteUpBase Kickstarter project to produce a unit that lights up and can be used as a base plate for building block projects.

The LiteUpBase is a 12 x 12 stud unit that is offered in a variety of colors including multi-color.

The project is by the same company that is also making LiteUpBlocks which are individual lighted bricks in 2x3 or 2x4 size.

Some of the pledge options for the LiteUpBase also include small-sized light-up blocks which we assume are these individual building bricks.

For us, the individual building bricks are probably the more interesting option for using lighting in models in a flexible way.

But the bases are interesting too. They can be clipped together to create larger lighted bases which is fun for bigger projects.

I'd been looking at the smaller LiteUpBlocks recently as we'd really like to find a source of inexpensive building bricks that are compatible with common brands. I've mentioned the KRE-O LiteTech sets and we have a couple of blocks from those and a couple of light bricks from LEGO sets, but we want more!

Note that I don't see any information on safety testing which is something I would want to see for these to be used by children.

You can see a video review of the small LiteUpBlocks here:

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