Saturday, 15 June 2013

LEGO Cuusoo Curiosity Mars Rover Confirmed

Yay! The LEGO Curiosity Mars Rover set has been confirmed as a winner from the LEGO Cuusoo project where fans can submit proposals for new sets.

This is superb news - it involves construction toys, space and a robot theme, some of our favorite things here at TechAgeKids. We've looked at the Curiosity Mars Rover and what it's up to before.

The model has been design by Stephen Pakbaz, a mechanical engineer who actually worked on the real Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover. He goes by the username of Perijove. 

This is the official LEGO video where the set is announced:

This isn't the first time that LEGO has celebrated a Mars Rover Exploration robot with a set. It's great to have a set that ties in with the latest mission.

This is certainly a set that we will want for our collection.

The new LEGO Cuusoo Mars Rover set will now continue through the LEGO development process. We don't yet have a release date or price for the set. 

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