Saturday, 8 June 2013

K'Nex Education Discount Offer

K'NEX Education - Exploring Machines K'NEX Education - Exploring Machines 

We've really been enjoying K'Nex recently after a while not playing with it. There are some really fun consumer sets and the education range excellent both for classroom use and for home use with kids who enjoy construction and science.

Amazon currently have an offer on selected K'Nex education sets with discounts ranging from 20 to 30% off the list price. I rarely see the education sets discounted as much as this so it's worth checking out if you've been considering getting sets from the range.

The sets on offer include:  Computer Control Building Kit, Renewable Energy Set, Intro to Structures, DNA Replications and Transcriptions, Kid Group Set, Amusement Park Experience and lots more.

There are smaller sets like Levers and Pulleys that would make a good gift for a tech-inclined child. And there are larger sets that would be useful for home education and classroom use.

Please check on Amazon for current prices. I don't know how long the offer is available for.

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