Sunday, 30 June 2013

Kindle Fire HD on Offer

There's currently a time-limited offer on the Kindle Fire HD 7" tablet at Amazon. We have one of these and it's an excellent tablet for kids, or as a shared tablet for a family.

The cheapest model is currently $169 instead of $199 - that's even cheaper than the Father's day offer they had recently and only $10 more than the basic model. This is the 16GB model with special offers. The discount also applies to the other Kindle Fire 7" models.

Note that you also get $5 worth of Amazon coins to spend on apps and games for the Kindle Fire.

I'll do a more detailed write up of the Kindle Fire for kids but here are the key reasons why we like this tablet for children:
  • Parental controls are easy to set up to avoid purchases and control access to features such as Wi-fi and email.
  • Kindle FreeTime allows you to configure the tablet for each child so they have access to your choice of content. You can also set up time limits. 
  • Kindle FreeTime Unlimited subscription service for kids content. A low cost monthly subscription that gives you access to lots of kid-friendly apps, games, eBooks and videos. 
  • There's a free app in the Amazon app store each day which is often (certainly not always) kid-friendly so you can build up a good collection of apps.
  • The Amazon app store clearly states when apps have in-app purchases so you are aware of this. 
  • HDMI out is great for connecting to a big screen or projector (we like to project NetFlix movies onto the bedroom ceiling!)
  • Physical volume control so you can easily turn it down when they start playing something too loud!
  • It's a proper Android tablet so adults can share it too. 
As I write this, my boys are next to me playing together on our Kindle Fire HD. 

Note that the offer is on the 7" HD model which has a better screen, HDMI out and an improved spec. The HD model is more future-proof than the basic model and at this price I'd certainly go for the Kindle Fire HD.

I don't know how long this offer will be on for. If you're looking for a good tablet to keep the kids entertained over the summer, this is a good deal.

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