Monday, 24 June 2013

Help Make a Real Tech Kid - AI Robot Needs Better Brain

Adam Z1 is a humanoid AI robot in progress and he has currently got an Indiegogo crowdfunding proposal up, along with his researcher friends.

They want to develop Adam Z1 into the world's smartest robot. The goal is to make Adam as smart as a human 3 year old. A real tech kid!

There are already some heavyweight researchers involved in the project who know the direction they want the AI to go in. The money will be used to fund smart young programmers who will work under their direction to build Adam Z1 a better brain.

Like any tech age kid, Adam wants to be able to build with construction blocks. And of course he wants to be able to draw on a tablet.

Don't worry! He also wants to be able to talk to people to develop his social skills and his use of language.

I spent some time studying and researching in the AI field and it's fascinating to see things progressing. A little unnerving too!

Robot Adam Z1 Calls in the Experts

In this video you can watch Adam and his researcher friends chat about what they plan to do for Adam. Nicely done. 

You can also find out more about the team of researchers and their backgrounds in this video - they have been involved in some pretty cool robot and cognitive research projects. 

So what do you get for supporting the project? Other than Adam's gratitude once he's capable of expressing it. Although at 3 years old that might be a stretch!

Well, for $10 you'll get access to the Adam Z1 member's only website where you'll get updates on the project. For $25 Adam Z1 will learn and remember your name. For larger amounts you can get a piece of Adam's poetry or artwork, or even get to chat with him in a Google Hangout or other fancy rewards.

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