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Furby BOOM! Will Be a Top Toy For Christmas 2013

Furby BOOM! has already made an appearance on a top 10 toys for Christmas 2013 list. It's predecessor was hugely popular last Christmas, lots of the girls at the school I volunteer at were telling me about their new Furbies when they came back to school.

It looks likely that Hasbro will have another big hit on their hands with the follow up toy. Last year's Furby is a fluffy electronic toy which speaks Furbish and can learn English, it also has an accompanying app where you can feed it. And earlier this year the mini Furby rocker range came out to keep Furby company.

So what have Hasbro got planned for our electronic pet friends this year?

Update: Furby BOOM! Available  See Also: Details about Furby Boom

UK Toy shop Hamley's have announced their Top 10 Toys for Christmas 2013 list and Furby BOOM! appears on the list. Hasbro have not yet announced details about this toy so we don't know what it will be.

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We do know that the UK recommended retail price for Furby BOOM! will be £75 which is about $114, but toys are less expensive in the US so the US retail price is likely to be lower than that. Last year's Furby had a UK RRP of £59.99 versus $59.99 in the US.

This does seem to indicate that Furby BOOM! will be a more expensive toy than last year so we can expect more functionality or a bigger toy, or ...

We have had some egg-related teasers, if you look at the Furby photos on Facebook you'll see a number of pictures featuring brightly colored eggs.

We don't know what to expect, but it's fun to speculate. So here's my prediction (based on no special knowledge other than what's going on in the tech toy market at the moment):
  • A Furby with RFID/NFC tagged accessories? Girls in particular love to look after their electronic pets and would love some cute accessories for Furby to interact with. And it would create a market for add-on extras beyond the glasses, cushions and bags we've seen so far.
  • More app content? Maybe new content is unlocked when you get new NFC toys for Furby. 
  • Motion? Might the new Furby be able to move along and follow one of its toys?
  • A brightly colored egg-shaped storage case for Furby BOOM! to hatch out of?
Please note that the bullet points above are just a bit of speculation, I have no idea what Furby BOOM! will turn out to be.

Update: Furby BOOM has been announced

Source for Furby BOOM! and Pricing : Hamleys Top 10

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