Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Ed Eggs App to Get Kids Outside and Active

We've all heard about the problem of kids spending too much time indoors playing video games and not enough time outside moving about. Ed Eggs is a Kickstarter project to complete the development of a mobile game for Android that will actually require kids to get outside and walk about in order to progress the game.

I think that using technology to encourage kids outdoors is a much more effective approach than trying to keep them away from gadgets. Gadgets are a natural part of life for kids these days.

I recently wrote about the fun we had hunting for Munzees outdoors, another example of using technology to get kids wanting to be outside and moving about. 

During the summer my kids tend to ask to go outside quite a bit. But in the winter it's easy to fall into the habit of staying indoors too much. And I can see this becoming more of an issue as they get older and maybe get less excited at the idea of going to the park to play.

I think we'll increasingly be seeing the application of technology to solve the problems created by certain patterns of tech use in kids, such as too much time spent inactive and playing computer games. 
In the Ed Eggs app kids will be able to unlock new activities and collectible characters by walking outdoors to earn energy points. The app is aimed at primary school children aged 6-10.

I like the idea. Especially the augmented reality egg and spoon race with a digital compass - that sounds like fun.

I'm not keen on the idea of kids being able to post and tag photos of their EdEggs on Facebook. Young children are not allowed on Facebook. That capability needs to be on a kid-friendly site, perhaps the app's own website.

The overall idea is good though. Sounds like something we could have fun with. Younger kids will need a parent to accompany them so this could improve the whole families fitness if kids get drawn into it.

The Ed Eggs campaign is open until Sunday July 14th 2013. 

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