Thursday, 20 June 2013

Disney Where's My Mickey New App

Where's My Mickey is a new app from Disney Interactive Games. As you might guess from the title it's closely related to the popular Where's My Perry game.

Where's My Mickey is a physics puzzler which uses weather-based mechanisms to move water around and help Mickey fill his bucket and get water to where he needs it to fix the predicament he has ended up in.

I'm a big fan of physics-based puzzle games for children. They are brilliant for developing logical thinking skills. This is just the kind of thinking you need to do when you are coding - solving problems and thinking several steps ahead.

The artwork for the app is based on a new series of Disney shorts featuring Mickey mouse and friends.

The app has levels which correspond to story episodes so there's a narrative running through the game as kids solve puzzles - this is a nice touch. The app includes animated content to tell the story.

Initially the app will have Mickey, Goofy and Pluto as characters but there are plans to add more of their friends to the game in future updates.

The summer release timing is good for kids who want a fun new game to play while they are off school.

Disney are hoping that the app will create some new fans of the classic Disney characters. 

Where's My Mickey? XL Where's My Mickey? XL
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There's a regular version of the app and also an XL version which has 20 additional extra large levels that are designed for the larger screens on tablets.

(The XL version is more expensive than the normal version.)

Amazon have announced that Where's My Mickey will be one of the titles available in the Kindle Freetime Unlimited subscription package for kids who have a Kindle Fire tablet. 

Where's My Mickey is also available at Google Play, iTunes and the Windows store for Android, iOS and Windows phones and tablets.

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