Friday, 7 June 2013

Disney Infinity Lone Ranger Theme

Disney Infinity is an upcoming game which uses toy figures to extend gameplay. (Yes, that's right, like Skylanders.) Disney have released a trailer for a new Disney Infinity Lone Ranger Theme to tie in with the Summer 2013 movie. There will be Longer Ranger Infinity figures and game content.  

 I'm a Lone Ranger fan from watching Saturday morning reruns with my Dad as a child. My kids have been drawn to the new Lone Ranger LEGO sets so they'll be interested in this (though they are too young for the age rating.)

Note that the trailer has a rating of 10+ for cartoon violence. The Lone Ranger theme is clearly aimed at attracting an older audience to Disney Infinity.

The trailer is entertaining and amusing and looks like good family entertainment. Like other Infinity themes there will be two modes:

  1. Play Set Mode which is a game based on the characters and story from the movie.
  2. Toy Box Mode which is a free play option where you can create mixups across the themes. 

Family Gamer TV have got hands-on with the figures so you can take a look at The Lone Ranger and Tonto. The characters look cool, but the bases look a little odd and unfinished to my eye. 

The Lone Ranger theme will be available when Disney Infinity ships in August 2013.

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