Monday, 17 June 2013

Cody Coder - Teach Kids From 3-8 To Build a Website

Cody Coder is an eBook that teaches young kids to code. It's aimed at really young kids from age 3-8 and takes kids through building a website in HTML.

There's already a Cody Coder eBook available to purchase.

There's now also a Kickstarter campaign to take the project further and develop more digital assets including an app and interactive pdf, and there will also be a hardback book.

Extras for pledging larger amounts include Cody Coder coloring pages and stickers.

There are three women from Sweden -- Rosalyn Knapp, Lovisa Levin and Sanna Nilsson -- behind this project which makes me wonder why Cody is a boy (except that the name works rather well.)

My kids are both in the age range for this book. The six year old has already had a go with Scratch but HTML is a good thing to learn too. And Cody Coder wants to tackle Python too.

I'm fascinated by the idea that my younger son (nearly 5) would be able to start learning to code, though he does already have the basic idea and likes to give me instructions on how to modify Scratch programs to his requirements.

The Cody Coder campaign needs to raise quite a bit of money to be successful and with the basic package being a very small proportion of what is needed, that could be tricky. I wish them luck though.

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