Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Two New Kids Science Shows from Amazon

Amazon commissioned a set of pilot episodes of potential TV shows and got feedback from viewers. Several kids shows were included and they have announced the successful shows. I'm pleased to see that two out of the three kids shows are science shows.

You can still watch the pilot episodes to find out about the shows, but they will now go into full production. The pilots were just concept pieces without the budget of a full TV show. Now they have Amazon's backing the shows will be fully developed - there are videos you can watch to find out more about the ideas behind the shows (see below.)

First there's Tumbleaf for little kids. Tumbleaf is about Fig, a blue fox who investigates his world to learn how objects work. It looks very cute and will appeal to preschoolers and younger kids. The goal is to teach science through play. I really like the pilot for this show, it's full of explainations of Fig's thought process as he figures things out. It's also nice and gentle. So much modern kids TV is fast, noisy and bright. My kids loved the animal characters and the science. Looks like this will be a winner in our house.

And for bigger kids there's Annebots which features a young girl who makes robots and the boy who befriends her. The show will feature lots of different branches of science including nature, robotics, space and more. And there will be a tie-in website and Kindle (and other tablet?) apps that allow kids to recreate the science experiments from the show, either in real life or online.

My kids are a little younger that the target audience for this Annebots but I can see us watching it as a family and discussing the science.

You can watch the previews at Amazon: Annebots Live Action Preview and Tumbleaf Pilot

And you can also find out more about the plans for the shows in these videos:

The first seasons of these shows are coming soon to Amazon Prime instant video.

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