Wednesday, 15 May 2013

New VTech Learning Tablets for 2013

I've been wondering about what VTech has planned for its learning tablet range in 2013. Can we expect an InnoTab 3? Well from their latest press release we now know that they are upgrading their educational tablets to a new generation this year. 
"Its lineup of children’s educational tablets will be upgraded to a new generation in 2013, offering advanced functionalities and rich learning experience to children between 1 and 9 years old." source

What could that mean? It could be a relatively minor upgrade like when they introduced the InnoTab 2 and 2S or it could be a new platform.

The release also mentions that VTech's strategy in this area is to "apply the latest proven technology."  Well I think technologies such as Android are pretty well proven now and competitors such as Fuhu have adopted Android for their Nabi range.

My older son has an InnoTab 2 which he likes and uses a lot. But it doesn't stack up well against the Kindle Fire he also has access to in terms of responsiveness.

The requirements for a learning tablet are not the same as the requirements for a general purpose Android tablet so it's not fair to compare directly. But I imagine that VTech will need to move to a more modern platform at some point.

One of the issues for VTech is that many families have invested in the InnoTab technology so they will need to support that for a while even if they move to something new.

I'm interested to see what their plans are.

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