Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Moshi Monsters 5th Anniversary

Wow has Moshi Monsters really been around for 5 years? I guess I didn't really come across it until my older son started school.

The other day I heard a young boy trying to explain to his Mum what Moshi Monsters is because he's heard all about it from his friends at school. You don't get far into school without learning all about MM these days.

Moshi Monsters started out as an online world for kids where they can adopt pets and play fun games. But wow has it exploded out of the screen. The monsters are everywhere!

The website has free to play areas and a subscription model. My kids don't actually use the website (yet?) - apparently half of all kids aged 6-12 in the UK do! But they still have favorite monsters and own some of the merchandise.

My older son loves Diavlo because he's a volcano and he has a few versions of Diavlo and even has socks with him on.

Moshi Monsters comes from the British company Mind Candy.

It's worth getting older kids to consider successful kids tech companies and products like this. Why does it work? Could they come up with an idea like this in the future?

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