Tuesday, 23 April 2013

White House Science Fair 2013

We've just watched a series of interviews with participants in the 2013 White House Science Fair (and you can too.) Very impressive! When I was a teen my technology project was to build a model house with lights that turned off on a timer to save electricity. Not really in this league!

I love that this initiative is happening. It's an amazing opportunity for the kids involved but it goes much further than that. It's definitely inspirational for other kids.

My kids are much younger but they were fascinated by this video because young people were talking about their projects. They certainly didn't understand all the science and tech talk (well some of the science went over my head to be honest!) but they certainly got the idea that big kids are doing science and inventing. And some little kids too - they paid particular attention to the three young boys. 

Definitely a great video to share with kids from primary age up.

I was impressed that so many of the kids were doing something to improve the lives of others like the kids working on cancer research and aids for people that have disabilities. I also enjoyed the reference to the maker community and the representative of girls doing cool STEM stuff.

Bill Nye did an excellent job of asking scientific questions and being appropriately impressed and LeVar Burton was great and making sure things were understandable.

It's good to think that we've got plenty of kids lined up to make the next generation of cool tech.

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