Tuesday, 30 April 2013

StorySticker KickStarter - Add Audio to Any Kids Book

StorySticker is a new Kickstarter project that allows family remembers to turn any children's book into an recordable audio book using an app and physical stickers that can be stuck to the book and scanned to trigger the audio.

This is a neat idea. Especially for grandparents who are far away and Moms and Dads who have to travel for work - missing bedtime can be the hardest part.

I've seen recordable story books before. But I like the idea that you can apply this to any story book.

So grandparents might choose a story they like as a gift and record themselves telling the story.

Or a parent who has to work away from home might record their voice for a story their child loves.

Of course you could just record the audio and let them play it on an iPod. But I think kids will enjoy scanning the sticker to get the story and it makes it easy for them to get to the recording.

The Kickstarter starts at $5 for one sticker.

There's an iPad app, with iPhone and Android apps on their way, or you can go to the website. The app is free. 

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