Saturday, 27 April 2013

Smart Pajamas - Huh?

I keep running across mentions of Smart PJs. These kids' pajamas have a pattern that can be read by a smart phone or tablet to initiate a piece of kids content at bedtime. There are lots of different patterns on each pair of pajamas. 

Now, the pajamas actually look quite cool and the concept is neat. At first I struggled to get my head around the usage scenario for the product. Reading bedtime stories is my job! I love it. And yes, I do read from a tablet now my kids are old enough for proper chapter books, but I have it on a very low brightness setting and it's me looking at the tablet, not the kids. They need to calm down, not stare at a screen just before going to sleep. 

I guess there is that time after baths and before I read their bedtime story. My kids do sometimes get some tablet time at this point when I'm listening to the other child read.

For a lot of parents anything that speeds up the rate at which their kids get ready for bed would be a good thing. Of course you'd have to hide the tablet until they were dressed. 

Points from us for supporting Android as well as iOS. And contrary to first impressions the intention seems to be for parent and child to share the content rather than for the parent to completely hand over bedtime story duty to the tablet.

My 4 year old might be taken with the gimmick of finding new content. But he currently tends to choose the LeapPad 2 as his device of choice and I'm not in a hurry to change that.

My 6 year old knows what he likes. The content available for Smart PJs is either animal information or fairytales. He would have loved the animal information when he was younger but it probably wouldn't engage him now. And the other content is bedtime stories, but he typically reads something like Horrible Histories or an adventure-based chapter book (either as a paper book or an eBook.)

Smart PJs don't seem to be quite the right fit for my family, but maybe they would work for yours. And I'm definitely interested to see follow-on products and content that they may develop in future.

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