Saturday, 20 April 2013

Rocket Robinson Web Comic for Kids

I'll be posting about apps, eBooks and websites that we've been enjoying.

Today's awesome find is a web comic / graphic novel aimed at chidren aged around 8-12. Rocket Robinson and the Pharaoh's Fortune is an adventure story set in Egypt and is designed to be appropriate for younger children and tweens. A lot of graphic novels are not suitable for this age group even if they are able to read them.

I found out about Rocket Robinson because the author Sean O'Neill has launched a Kickstarter project to get a physical version of the graphic novel produced. 

My 6 year old is crazy about ancient Egypt and explorers and adventurers in general. He has even created his own short Egyptian adventure photo story. He's a good reader  and this looked just his sort of thing.

I went to the website and opened up the first page on the kids computer in our living room and made it nice and big. He spotted it immediately when he came in from playing in the garden and then sat engrossed for 30 minutes. This is the kind of thing a touchscreen monitor is excellent for. He had the text nice and big and was able to scroll up and down and tap next. He only left when his little brother got the play dough out. He read out loud so I got to listen and he was clearly really enjoying it from all the expression he put into the voices.

The Kickstarter project has lots of cool extras that you can sign up for. The Rocket Robinson Young Adventurer Club sounds brilliant with buttons, flashlight and other goodies.

The web comic is available free online: Rocket Robinson and the Pharaoh's Fortune

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